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Foundational helps founders collaborate with prospective investors to expedite their next raise. Investors that provide feedback to Foundational gain access to a steady stream of qualified early-stage startup dealflow up to 18 months ahead of other investors.

Foundational has collaborated with over 100 venture capital funds representing over $5Bn in AUM to help founders ensure they’re well-positioned to raise their next round of financing. The feedback they provide helps our startup clients adapt to VC expectations prior to their fundraising roadshow saving them weeks-to-months of aligning with the market.


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How We Work With Investors

For each of our clients, we assemble a small group of investors to facilitate an exchange of feedback with the founders a few months ahead of their next roadshow. By maintaining direct alignment with the interests of prospective investors, our startups are prepared to efficiently navigate their fundraising process by having addressed likely objections ahead-of-time.


We curate a virtual group of 6+ investors representing a cross-section of funds that have an investment thesis aligned with our startup client.


Well ahead of the company’s next raise, we reach out to each investor to seek reactions to draft pitch materials and company progress. Investors spend just a few minutes providing their expert insights.


Foundational anonymizes, aggregates, and analyzes investor feedback in order to provide prescriptive guidance to the startup team.


Foundational advises founders to make material changes to their business and product development priorities so they can improve their fundraising readiness.

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You’re a good fit for our process if you screen deals at a venture capital fund that participates in at least 5 seed, or A stage deals per year. We have a preference for working with funds that lead deals.

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