EdTech Platform Osmosis Raises a $4M Series A To Train Caregivers

Felicis Ventures backs a venture addressing the “impending global crisis” in caregiving.

On June 11th, Osmosis announced a $4M Series A led by Felicis Ventures. Billing itself as the Khan Academy of healthcare, the Baltimore-based startup offers educational videos, flashcards, and supplementary materials about healthcare to medical school students. Co-founder Shiv Gaglani says Osmosis is planning to use the newly raised funds to strengthen the firm’s marketing effort to reach within its core health professional student markets and expand into related health realms.

What were the VCs thinking?

“By reimagining medical education, Osmosis is addressing a critical impending global crisis,” said Aydin Senkut, the founder and managing partner at Felicis Ventures. By 2030, roughly 35 million more healthcare professionals around the world will need to be trained.

When all caregivers are factored in, Osmosis will have a potential reach of one billion users globally by 2025. Considering the annual subscription fee of about $125-$200 per year, this presents an enormous market opportunity.

This investment is also part of the growing space of startups that offer virtual training for professions that lack enough skilled professionals to meet growing labor market demand. LearnStart, one of the investors in Osmosis’s series A, also backed Kenzie Academy, a virtual trade-school for those seeking an alternative pathway to a career in software development, UX design, and digital marketing.

The Traction Behind the Deal

Osmosis has assembled a world-class team of healthcare experts, who are capable of ensuring the high quality of the educational videos. As more healthcare professionals endorse the content produced in the future, it would be more likely for Osmosis to draw other professionals or even less experienced users to embrace the online platform.

Moreover, Osmosis has already acquired more than 500,000 register users and 1,000,000 Youtube subscribers. The personalized recommendations, quizzes, and flashcards will also improve the user experience and make subscribers more willing to stick to the platform in the future.

This article originally appeared on Foundational.

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